About ACLP

Established as a nonprofit organization in 1982, the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) advances the field of child life by establishing and maintaining professional standards, enhancing the professional growth and development of members, and advancing the credibility of the child life profession by fostering research and promoting the standards of child life practice on a national and international level.  

The Association represents trained professionals with expertise in helping infants, children, youth, and families cope with the stress and uncertainty of illness, injury and treatment. ACLP is comprised of more than 5,000 individuals representing at least 600 organizations worldwide. Our members include Certified Child Life Specialists, child life assistants, university educators and students, hospital administrators and staff, school teachers, therapeutic recreation specialists, and professionals in related fields. 

Membership Demographics

  • 97% – female
  • 99% – hold a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 74% – are between 25-49 years old
  • 70% work in a hospital setting
  • 42% have 10+ years of experience
  • 27 – the number of countries members work in

ACLP Bulletin

ACLP Bulletin is a quarterly digital publication for the child life community. Its aim is to provide content that encourages the continued clinical development of child life professionals, and a forum for highlighting their milestones, challenges, innovations, and successes. It also provides 1.0 PDU per issue for ACLP Members.




Issues per year


Pages of Content per issue

Rates & Specs

PlacementSpecs1x Rate4x rate
Full PageBleed: 8.75″w x 11.25″h
No Bleed: 7.5″w x 10″h
Half PageHorizontal: 7.5″w x 4.75″h
Vertical: 3.5″w x 9.25″h
Quarter Page3.5″w x 4.75″h$450$300
IssueArt due
Winter January 15, 2024
SpringApril 15, 2024
SummerJuly 15, 2024
FallOctober 15, 2024
Unlimited Ad Space

Advertisers can purchase a banner ad to go in the enewsletter announcing the publishing of each issue of both publications.

Journal of Child Life

The Journal of Child Life is the official research journal published bi-annually by ACLP. The Journal of Child Life is open-access and focuses on the latest psychosocial research about children’s responses to stressful experiences and child life professionals’ work.

Advertisers can purchase a banner ad to go in the enewsletter announcing the publishing of each issue of both publications. 




Issues per year


articles per issue

Rates & Specs

PlacementSpecs1x Rate2x rate
Spring (March/April) 728 x 90 $600$400
Fall (Sept/Oct) 728 x 90 $600$400
IssueArt due
SpringApril 15, 2024
FallOctober 15, 2024

Retargeting Campaign

Retargeting is a type of digital advertising that enables marketers to create highly targeted ad campaigns that reach their desired audience across the internet. By utilizing retargeting technology on association websites, marketers capture a prequalified audience to turn association members and supporters into customers of their own. 

Provide your campaign budget and your ads will run until contracted impressions are met on ACLP’s websites. Submitting all materials as recommended will provide the highest placement rate and allow the system to best optimize your ad campaign for performance. Keep the message simple and the text as large and easy-to-read as possible.


Package 1$3,1503 months90,000
Package 2$5,2503 months150,000
Package 3$8,4004 months240,000


Advertiser to provide the materials as noted for the contracted display ads or video for the Retargeting Campaign:

Required Display Ad Assets:

Display banners for both desktop and mobile in all of these sizes:

  • 300×250
  • 300×600
  • 160×600
  • 320×50
  • 300×50
  • 728×90
  • Click-through URL

Recommended Ad Formats:

  • JPG or PNG (Static Image) 
  • GIF (Animated – Max. 15 seconds of looping) 

Website Advertising

The ACLP website is the leading source of certification and professional development content for the child life community. It is a prime location for advertisers interested in reaching the child life community.

Website ads are a standard ad size available across any ACLP website page. Ads may be placed in a premium position at the top of the ACLP Home page or at the top of many interior web pages.

Ads may be placed in a premium position on the ACLP homepage (bottom of page) as well as on an Interior Page (profile log in screen & main dashboard screen)


Unique visitors per month


Pages per session


PAge views per month


Avg. session duration

Rates & Specs

PlacementAvailabilitySpecs1 month3 month6 month
Home Page Banner Ad*2 Per Month728 x 90$500$400$300
Interior Page Banner Ad*2 Per Month728 x 90$300$200$100

All artwork is due the 15th of the month prior to the month of insertion.
Submit artwork to [email protected]
*The Home Page Banner Ad appears above the footer and the interior Page Banner Ad is in line with content

Email Advertising

ACLP offers two email advertising opportunities. Each e-newsletter has a unique purpose and readership.

ACLP NotesCCLS Connection
Subscribers10,000 6,500 
AudienceEntire child life community Only Certified Child Life Specialists 
Content Updates from ACLP, new resources, events, etc Updates for credential holders 
Frequency2x per month (ad will have a placement two times in each month purchased) 3x per year: April, July, November 

Rates & Specs

PlacementAvailabilitySpecs1 month Rate3 month Rate6 month Rate
CCLS Connection5 Per Month728 x 90$600$500$400
ACLP Notes5 per Issue728 x 90$600$500$400
Production due date: 15th of the month prior to insertion

purchase the top placement for an additional $50 

Submit artwork to [email protected]

Webinar Sponsorships

ACLP webinars offer the perfect opportunity to support quality online education to childlife specialists, as well as the promotion of your organization.

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsor will be recognized at the beginning of the webinar through a video or PowerPoint slide that the ACLP moderator will present.

Sponsor can provide a video or handout that attendees must view before earning their certificate.

Sponsor logo, name, and link included in all ACLP marketing for webinar:

  • Listed as a part of the webinar page on ACLP online learning website. This listing will remain online for 5 years.
  • ACLP Notes (marketing emails)
  • Social media posts
  • ACLP Blog post

ACLP will send one email on behalf of the sponsor to all webinar registrants.

Cost: $500 per webinar sponsorship

Availability: One sponsor per webinar

Production due date: Logo (and URL) immediately after order is placed, video/handout and email content is 1 week prior to the live webinar

Submit artwork to [email protected]

ACLP Postal Mailing List

Get directly in the hands of the child life community through the use of the ACLP Mailing List Program. ACLP offers mailing lists with postal mailing addresses based on the audience of your selection. The mailing list comes in an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

How to Order a Mailing List

For your convenience, each mailing list is formatted as an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet delivered via email as an attachment. ACLP offers lists with postal mailing addresses only. We do not sell or rent email addresses.

By placing an order, you agree to adhere to the ACLP Mailing List Rental Agreement, which is incorporated into the order form and states that each purchased mailing list is intended for single-use and is non-refundable.

Standard mailing lists take one week to process. Specialized lists may take two to three weeks to process. All mailing lists will be delivered electronically in a spreadsheet format upon approval of the intended mailing.

Please review the full ACLP Mailing List Rental Agreement below prior to placing your order.

ACLP Mailing List Rental Agreement

By placing an order online for an ACLP mailing list, customers agree to adhere to the following:

  • Renter understands and agrees that the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP) is making these addresses available for one-time use only and solely for use on the mailing for which the sample was submitted for approval.
  • Renter shall not copy the mailing list or any part thereof for use on an additional mailing or to enter into a computer database for use at a later time.
  • The renter hereby agrees to submit a complete mailing sample to ACLP. ACLP may decline to provide the mailing list in the event that those materials do not meet with ACLP approval for any reason whatsoever.
  • It is understood and agreed that the rented list has been and will be monitored to prevent improper and unauthorized use, by a combination of one or more methods of computer control, to which the renter consents and agrees.
  • This agreement shall be binding upon the undersigned, its principals, and its agents.

Mailing List Options

All Certified Child Life Specialists6,500$1,300
ACLP Members4,500$1,000
ACLP Program Leaders500$650
Regional Lists (each)Varies$500
CustomVariesEmail for details
* Can fluctuate based on how many CCLSs and members ACLP has at any given time

Contact your ACLP account
executive for more information

Karen Tappenden

Account Executive
[email protected]

Digital Ad Deadlines

2023 Digital ad deadlines

Month ad is
running in
Art deadline

2024 Digital Ad Deadlines

Month ad is
running in
Art deadline

Sponsored Eblast Deadlines

Must provide materials two weeks before your send date.

Ad Submission Requirements

  • Send digital ad materials to: [email protected]
  • When emailing us your materials, please include the client acronym in your subject line.
  • All advertisers are subject to review and publisher’s advertising policies.
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser. All materials must be submitted in accordance with the published deadlines and meet the criteria stated in the advertising policy.

Child Life Conference

Showcase your products and services in front of an enthusiastic crowd of child life specialists and affiliated healthcare and child development professionals. Each year, conference attendees look forward to learning about innovative products and services they can use to make a difference in the lives of the children and families they serve.


Conference Attendees


Live and Virtual sessions


Speakers & Presenters


There are Virtual Exhibit Hall and In-Person Exhibit Hall options. Booth space is limited,reserve your space today! A base exhibit package will be available for purchase, along with several opportunities to customize the virtual or in-person exhibit space to support each exhibitor’s individual goals.


ACLP offers a wide variety of sponsorship opportunities to help you increase awareness of your brand, establish new connections, and broaden existing relationships with keystake holders in the child life community. Your financial support allows ACLP to provide conference attendees with professional development of the highest quality.

Terms & Conditions

Ad Submission Info


  • A high-resolution PDF/X-1a file is required for all ads.
  • Colors must be CMYK. No ICC profiles, RGB, or Pantone colors.
  • Resolution of all photography and scanned illustrations must be at least 300 dpi. Line art should be 600 dpi.
  • Vital copy and images must be at least 1/8” away from trim. Spread ads must have at least 3/8” total gutter.
  • Materials should be submitted without crop marks, but full-page ads should include the required 1/8” bleed.
  • All fonts used must be embedded in the PDF file.
  • Using the bold, italic, or other style keys is not encouraged. Please use the bold or italic version of the font. (For example, instead of making Adobe® Garamond bold with the style key, use the actual font for Adobe® Garamond Bold.)
  • Flatten all layers and set transparency to highest setting.
  • Ads must be suitable to print as-is. Association is not responsible for any errors in content.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Materials that do not meet the stated advertising specifications will be rejected.
  • Necessary alterations are the responsibility of and at the expense of the advertiser. All materials must be submitted in accordance with the published deadlines and meet the criteria stated in the advertising policy.


For instructions on how to upload your A high-resolution PDF/X-1a file, click here.


For digital submission please email [email protected] or you may upload directly into our submission portal.

For questions about your ad or the portal or if you need an invite, please reach out to [email protected].

For instructions on how to upload your file, click here.


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